so this is a community project that was done at the Buddy Holly Center for the First Friday Art Trails. the woodwork was created by multiple people during one FF and then painted by many others during another. you could make and paint anything you wanted during these sessions.

i really liked this idea because while i was painting, i felt so free and relaxed. i’d really like to have something like this in my room to just work on when i get frustrated or down.

in the lower left of the first picture set, you can see people working on the piece and to the right of that is the finished product. i painted the middle piece in the second set, also shown in the bottom right picture. Audri (wildchild-gets-fit) also participated and hers are the top and bottom pictures in the middle of the second set.

my favorite is middle left of the second set ^.^ I don’t know who painted it, but it’s stunning.